We would love you to contact us! Wisefood is a small enterprise that has been in business since August 2020.  We prepare our frozen meals in an industrial kitchen, and offer it to you, our valued customers through  two retail outlets.  Our products are available through an ever increasing network of partner outlets.

The purpose of our business is to make a positive contribution to society.  In this regard we buy produce from local vendors.  Our customers enjoy the convenience of our products, and hopefully we relieve a bit of stress from their daily routines and provide a healthy meal to care for their families.  Our staff has an opportunity to earn a respectable wage and that privilege is shared with our suppliers.  We also share directly with the community in Yeoville.

Our meals are prepared using locally sourced produce.  We buy fresh produce from the green grocer and the local butcher, and prepare meals using popular, proven recipes.  We rely on good hygiene practices and freezing to preserve our meals.  No additional preservatives, colourants or flavouring is used.  In the event where a vegetable is out of season we either remove the product from the menu, or substitute with in-season produce, just the way you would do it at home.

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      Our Flagship Stores

      Wisefood Craighall Park
      1 Buckingham Avenue
      Phone: 082 627 8115

      Find our freezer at

      Craighall Park Spar
      110 Lancaster Avenue
      KWIKSPAR Parkmore
      Twelfth St
      Sandton 2100